Just returned from The Poetry Business writing day, always a wonderful workshop, and this time every poem was interesting. It’s amazing how many different tacks poets can take. And I collected many useful suggestions for my work-in-progress “Refraction” (which I’ll put up temporarily on the What do you think page?, in case anyone else has things to say about it).

Today the Grace Dieu Writers competition announced their judgement. My poem “The Cake Plate” was shortlisted and commended but, unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it over the threshold into a prize. Still, always nice to be considered.

Been shortlisted, too, for a local literary festival: Woodseats Literary Festival. Only a small affair, but you might like to come along: 7.30pm Monday 6th July, Woodseats Methodist Church. More info at:


And thanks to everyone who has given me feedback on this site and, especially, the poems. I’m certain that the many wonderful comments I’ve had will have helped persuade the Arts Council I was worth supporting. I know how lucky I am – so, time to get some real work done and justify that decision.