Two other small magazines have recently taken several of my poems:

Sarasvati will publish in November: A thought experiment (a kind of metaphysical poem for depressives), Dandelion clock (a short poem about time), The Emperor’s New Clothes (which I wrote for the Vivienne Westwood exhibition in the Millenium Galleries) and Gratitudes (on the failure to recognise what matters).

Inclement will publish in the Winter several small poems largely of a sentimental nature, though they all come from a genuine emotion. I don’t rate these as amongst my best. I think they generally come from a need to write to a particular emotion, but I don’t always work with a particularly incisive introspection of that emotion: A Rose (for my wife), Gerontius Today (how landscape makes us feel there’s a purpose when there isn’t), Husbandry (for my sister-in-law), Rainflowers (a descriptive nature poem), Woodland rain (a purely phonic exercise which I really like, though it says nothing).