A couple of e-zines published two of my more “off the wall” (experimental, if you like such things, weird, if you don’t) pieces. I’m not very sure of the reasoning behind such pieces, merely that they’re interesting to play with.

Whether merely experimenting with form really leads anywhere is hard to say, but probably such experiments open up channels that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I suspect, for me, such experiments are on the edge of what I really want to do: they seem on the one hand relatively glib and on the other likely to be impenetrable – but then maybe that’s simply because I don’t know what I’m doing.

“Burning Bush” is in Little PinkShack at http://littlepinkshack.webs.com/poetry.htm

“Stop” is in Streetcake magazine at http://streetcakemagazine.com/files/issue%207.pdf

(Also, found myself joint winner of a little article-writing competition at Ladder Writers. I’d rather have won the short story comp, but didn’t rate in that. The article, on “How To Reject Rejection”  is at http://ladderwriters.com/bonuswinner.shtml This came out of an online interview I did for the “Essential Writers” website, who posted a piece on rejection based on what I wrote, and, more recently, a slightly pompous piece of pontifcating by me on how to succeed as a writer (as if I knew!) Findable at: http://essentialwriters.com/exceptional-3947.htm