On Wednesday we arranged a small launch event for the Cinnamon Press anthology “The Visitors”, at Blackwells in Sheffield. A little over twenty people turned up, and seemed to have a very good time. I’d managed to get generous permission from several of the contributors to have their work read, and three contributors read their own work. Here’s the programme:

Reader Author Piece
Tricia Durdey   Welcome
Kate Rutter Anne Caldwell Walk in the Park, You can say what you like to the dead
Angelina Ayers Aisling Tempany Five of us Together, Prydferth
Fay Musselwhite Marcus Smith 58 Dead in England, Driving around
Lorna Festa Margaret Wilmot The New Café
Kate Rutter Diana Gittins Repulsive II, Hale New Moon Bopp
Fay Musselwhite Judith Watts Smiling Torso/Laughing Buttocks
Noel Williams Annie Bien Beneath night, Heart
Will Kemp Will Kemp Wolf, The Painters who studied clouds
Tricia Durdey Tricia Durdey The Visitors
Noel Williams Noel Williams Return to High Force, Snow on the Edge


Thanks to everyone who took part or came along to support us. And particular thanks to Blackwells, and Sarah, Angelina and Beverley for hosting the event. Go along there and buy a couple of books!