I’ve been lucky lately with publication: although I have to say it’s partly down to determination, keeping the work out there as much as I can. In the last few days, though, Orbis have taken “Presumably butterflies”, which is a slightly odd poem in that it covers pretty much the same ground as a poem I wrote many years ago on my Dad’s death. That poem was quite sentimental, and primarily driven by a desire to commemorate him rather than to write a decent piece. Out of the blue, quite recently, “Presumably butterflies” arrived and offered me a much better slant and a much better poem – so it’s taken 15 years for the original impulse to mature into a proper piece of work.

 Assent have taken “The Fire Hand” (one of my poems based on Kim Phuc’s life: there are now three out there) and “Thirst” which is an unusual poem for me, as it’s a (kind of) dramatic monologue, which I’m not particularly good at.

Interpreter’s House  have taken “St Anthony Road”, a poem originally written several years ago, although it’s gone through many mutations, and also is about my father. He’s a subject I seem not to be able to let go off. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Helen Farish’s “Intimates” contains a strong sense of her exploring her relationship with her father, as if trying to understand it better; and I guess we “older” poets find ourselves reflecting on lost parents more as we discover ourselves in their shoes.

And a European ezine I came across more or less by accident, Danse Macabre, have published a little imagist fairy-tale poem, “Three Roses”, which was a bit of an experiment and I’m not entirely sure it works, but at least someone liked it. See: http://dansemacabre.art.officelive.com/CantoPoesia.aspx