LXV are a new independent bookshop in London. I’ve never been there. I don’t like London. But they seem to want to do things differently, with some success. So they ran a small poetry competition and, I heard yesterday, I came second.

I wrote a poem specifically for this competition, “Concrete Poetry”, although it came out of notes I’d had hanging around for a while. The judge, Ann Drysdale, wrote: “The internal assonances dissolve in the mouth like butterscotch (dismal clinker; huddled in fug) and the image in the penultimate line is exquisite.” (She also had some critical notes, which were fair enough, in fact – suggesting to me I’ve not quite finished this poem, so I was lucky to succeed with it).

It looks like there’ll be an anthology of the submissions, too. So, of course, I’m going to suggest you check out LXV: http://www.lxvbooks.com/poetry_competition