Last week readers from Sheffield Hallam’s MA Writing gave two readings as part of local festivals in Sheffield. We read at the Sharrow Fringe Festival on Monday, and at the Dore Festival last night (Friday). Both were great sessions, with audiences who seemed very aprpeciative and took the time to give us pleasant feedback afterwards. I’m going to list all our names here, because I’m pretty sure these are all names to watch for the future: Angelina Ayers, Susan Clegg, Helen Cadbury, Marian Iseard, Fay Musselwhite, Ruby Robinson, Laura Wake (and me). I won’t be surprised if in, say, three years, all these people aren’t out there, seriously published.

In October, during Off the Shelf in Sheffield, the new issue of Matter will be launched. This is Matter 10: as our tenth anniversary issues, we’ve made a special effort, with a celebratory cover and some superb contributions, both from the upcoming student writers, and well-established writers of excellence who are keen to contribute to support us. You can find more info at:

We’ll be reading twice in Sheffield to launch the mag: once at Blackwells bookshop, and once at the Riverside hostelry.