Next week is another exciting week for me. As Off the Shelf, with its (too) many exciting activities comes to a close, I’m in London next week for two launch events.

The first is the long awaited The Book of King’s, an anthology of writings from graduates of King’s College, Cambridge, written to promote the college. I’ve a story and (I hope) a poem in there – it’s not been clear whether the poem will appear or not, but my work is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Martin Bell, Jan Pienkowski, Zadie Smith, Tam Dalyell, Simon Hoggart and Charles Saumerez Smith (whose room was next to mine at college, but I don’t believe I exchanged more than half a dozen words with him). Of course, my wife and I will be overawed by the company, and hugging the wall most of the time, but it will be a great event nevertheless. This will be at the Royal Society, so that venue itself is pretty exciting.

On the following day, 4th Nov, we’ll be giving the London launch of Matter 10, the magazine of the MA writing at Sheffield Hallam University, in which I’ll be reading a small extract from my children’s novel. The venue this time is the London Review Bookshop, so that’s excitement of a different kind. This is a public event, so by all means turn up (starts at 7.00). There’ll be some great readings.