Well, up to a point. I’m told that eco-poetics may be as critical of landscape poetry as containing it – something I intend to read up. For the moment, I’m just reporting two more brilliant starts to the new year.

The Awel Aman Tawe Poetry Competition was for a poem on climate change ( http://www.awelamantawe.co.uk/ ). Judge Gillian Clarke gave my poem “Erosion” 3rd prize, and also decided a second poem, “Pluvial” should be one of 24 in the competition anthology. I guess this will only be a little publication, but pleasing nevertheless.

Meanwhile, although I’ve not heard officially, I’m told that two of my haiku for the Moorland Flowers competition are runners up (Bilberry and Cottongrass). This was a smaller competition, but pleases me more, partly because it’s local (run by the Ward’s Croft Moorland Garden at the Moorland Discovery Centre, Longshaw: http://www.walkmag.co.uk/news/poetry-prose/ ) and partly because the prize for the two poems is for them to be turned into plaques for the garden, which is the closest I’ve yet come to “public art”. One of my writerly ambitions is to make a small mark on my home town (more than mere graffiti, I mean!)