Tomorrow night (15th August) I’m reading as part of the Animal Gaze exhibition at the SIA Gallery in Sheffield. This has been arranged by The Poetry Business. Here’s their notice:

“Come and hear Matt Black, Jim Caruth, Liz Cashdan, Suzannah Evans, Nell Farrell, Jenny King, Alan Payne, Adam Piette, Kathy Towers, Noel Williams and River Wolton (and other fab poets also possibly) reading their specially commissioned poems from the Animal Gaze exhibition at the SIA Gallery (maptomorrow night. 7pm start. Free entry. Wine and other refreshments.”

The Sheffield Institute of Art (SIA) gallery is in the Cantor Building of Sheffield Hallam University. The exhibition offers artists’ responses to the idea of the animal gaze – photographs, prints, videos and installations. Poets have been invited to respond with a poem about animals. There’ll be fourteen poets each with a poem of fourteen lines.

(More on the exhibition itself here).