Just read Kim Moore’s lovely words on my poem “Sunburn”, posted as her Sunday poem on her blog here. Kim is a very clever poet, serious and playful by turns, and I’m really pleased that she likes some of my work.

I know her from The Poetry Business Writing School, which I’m currently a member of, with eleven other rather excellent, though quite varied, poets. When I listen to their off the cuff workshopping, or read their recent work I tend to feel my own offerings are so inferior to theirs. So it’s a good feeling when one of them has pleasant things to say. And, it turns out, many of them appear to feel the same way about their own work, too. I suppose we all invest so much of ourselves in our work, and are so awed by the achievements of others, that we tend to be insecure about our work. (Not everyone, of course. There are a fair number of arrogant poets out there, too, but none of my close acquaintance, fortunately).

Kim and several of the others in the Writing School have recently given me really useful notes on a sequence I’m working on, “Field Trip to Andromeda”, which I’d actually almost abandoned until they read it, and now I think that it’s 75% working, which is really helpful. I’ve found I enjoy writing sets and sequences of poems, but, as you’d expect, it’s a more difficult task than a collection of individual poems, similar in some ways to writing one long poem (which is not something I’ve attempted since I was an undergrad).

Speaking of good poets I know well: tonight is Longbarrow’s launch of “Footing”, an anthology of poems about walking which includes work from several poets I enjoy: Jim Caruth, Angelina Ayers, Chris Jones, Fay Musselwhite and Rob Hindle among them. (The other two contributors, Mark Goodwin and Andrew Hirst I’m not too familiar with, but as they’re Longbarrow poets, I expect they’ll be just as interesting).

The launch is tonight (Monday Dec 25th) at 7.30 at The Shakespeare, 146-148 Gibraltar Street, Sheffield S3 8UB

Info here