Just listened to myself interviewing Linda Lee Welch on basic.fm radio. I actually sound as if I know what I’m talking about. Good to know that the illusion is reasonably intact.

Linda Lee teaches, amongst other things, Writing the Novel, a session I learned from in Hallam University’s MA Writing. It was a fun module, and I made some good friends during it, friendships which have persisted afterwards with writers whom, I’m pretty convinced, will all find publication sooner or later. (Some already have agents, one has a mentor. None yet have their books in print, but it’s only a matter of time). My own approach to the novel was liked by the class, but I think it’s unlikely ever to be completed, as I don’t think it was leading me somewhere interesting. That may change, of course. At the moment, I’m working on a three-part novel for children, “The Lost Resort”.

I’ve been on the radio before, in quite variable circumstances. A poem was broadcast on Radio Newark two years ago. Fame at last! On another occasion, I took part in a Canadian radio programme on fairies. I’ve also waffled on about Plain English, as I do. One classic moment was when, as an academic, I was invited to broadcast on Radio Sheffield about The Lord of the Rings, just as the first of Peter Jackson’s films was to be released. I was quite nervous, as I’m by no means an expert on Tolkien, despite being very fond of his work. So my first statement was something along the lines of “Yes, it’s a book. It’s a big book.” That’s about the extent of my critical abilities, sometimes.