It looks like I may have a full house for the launch of Out of Breath. More than sixty people have said they’re coming and, whilst I know that in the nature of things, some won’t make it, I’m beginning to worry that Waterstones won’t be able to fit everyone in!

Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who I’d like to be there who won’t make it, but that’s the way of the world, of course. And I’ll find myself reading to some of my favourite people in the world (as well as an audience containing 50% excellent poets, which may become a cause for stress when I realise I have to excite them with my own reading!)

Sally Goldsmith, Jim Caruth and Suzannah Evans have all agreed to read a small set, too, so the evening is bound to be entertaining.

Somehow, though, I’ve to select half a dozen poems from the book which represent it and make the evening worthwhile for all these people. Each one of them will probably want something different.

Any advice on constructing the set?