Just over a week ago, Out of Breath launched. I could hardly wish for a better event. We had an audience of well over 70 people, all of whom seemed to enjoy what they heard (I’ve had some great feedback from many of them), both my readings and the readings from Sally Goldsmith, Suzanne Evans and Jim Caruth, too. And Waterstones seemed to do reasonably out of it, too, as we all sold books. 

I aimed to combine a little humour (at my own expense) with the readings, as there’s very little in my book which is upbeat. I think it can be difficult to listen to poetry, especially for long periods, and particularly the poems have largely “serious” intent, which most do, of course. So to leaven them a little with interludes can, I believe, help the audience get more from the poems themselves – although I’m not a strong advocate of long explanatory introductions – the poems should generally stand by themselves, I think.

I’ve no idea how many books have been printed, nor what a decent number of sales might be, but it seems even the best sellers in poetry lists rarely exceed more than a few thousand. Out of Breath is not going to get close to that – I expect anything more than a couple of hundred copies is likely to be exceptional. But my entire plan was to use the opportunity the book gives me to find more readings, perhaps at a few festivals, and I’m hoping for reviews, too. So if you’ve any ideas……….