I realised some time in 2016 that time spent blogging was time unspent on more meaningful writing. And as my work over the last eighteen months has been pretty sporadic and uneven, I probably needed to spend more time on “real” writing and rather less on the e-displacement activities.

This year I intend to make something of the poetry, and perhaps prose, I’ve been working on in bits and pieces since 2014. I’ve the basis of my second collection and, separately, three pamphlets, too – one “Point me at the stars” is complete and recently won “Highly Commended” in the Indigo Dreams competition, but wasn’t selected for publication, unfortunately. The other two need some further work before being released onto the unsuspecting world, but I don’t think they require a massive amount of effort, so I expect it won’t be too long before I have at least three collections being touted round.

Which is a little unfortunate, as something like 80% of the small presses I know of are not accepting submissions at the moment. My co-author at Antiphon, Rosemary, has gone to the USA to find a good press able to produce her book relatively quickly (it will be published very soon now, possibly this month – see here. But I’d much rather find a press in the UK. Which means a fair bit of research, and then the usual sequence of submission, long waits with crossed fingers, and potential rejection. Why do we do it?