I’ve just received a request for poems for a book in aid of charity from someone I don’t know called Jessica Thornsby whom it seems from email exchanges is a very nice person (and clearly has good taste in poems because she likes some of mine). Here’s the message:

“I work for a Sheffield-based company, and we are currently putting together a book of poetry, illustrations and photographs to raise funds for the Cavendish Cancer Centre. We’ll be publishing it using http://www.lulu.com/ and 100% of the money raised will go to the charity. I was wondering if anyone from your writers group might be interested in submitting some work? It would be great if you could put us in touch with some people!
It would be great to hear from you, if this is something you’d be interested in helping us out with!”
If you want to contact her to submit, her email address is: jessica.thornsby[at]gmail.com (As usual, substituate ampersand for “[at]”).
I’m all in favour of efforts like this to raise funding or awareness through poetry, and I’d urge you to do the same.

Antiphon Issue #1 seems to have been a hit. We were sent some great poems and were able to create a quality issue (see antiphon.org.uk) publishing twenty poems of the 500 we received.

The question is: can we do it again with Issue #2? We’re hoping for more poems, and even higher quality. We want to build a magazine that’s top quality for language and image. We know we’ll have more reviews and articles, but it’s the poetry that really matters. We’re especially keen to promote upcoming poets who are trying hard to get themselves established (because, that’s basically where we are, too).

So, please submit. Send us your very best and help us make Antiphon the best online poetry magazine in the UK.

A friend, Rosemary Badcoe, and I have just begun a new online poetry mag called Antiphon.  URL is: http://antiphon.org.uk/

Here you can submit work, read the magazine when we’ve compiled the first issue in a few weeks, and join a poetry discussion forum.

We’re looking for good quality work. We see the job of Antiphon as creating opportunities for poems that are not quite managing to find publication elsewhere, but nevertheless ought to be. The idea of Antiphon is that it should include contrastive voices, different kinds of work, so that it contains a hint of the richness of contemporary work, not just a single kind of poetry.

We also want to support small presses and pamphlet publishers, so we’ll be including reviews of such, and the forum contains a thread for such publishers to advocate and discuss their publication philosophies.