August 2009

Iota seem to have upped the ante, producing a bigger and, it seems, higher quality magazine. It must be high quality, because they’ve just taken two of my poems: “Evelyn” and “Plunge”.

“Evelyn” was based on a girl I knew but didn’t fathom when I was about 13. I’ve been offering this poem to mags for two and a half years, so it’s gratifying to find someone likes it at last. “Plunge”, on the other hand, is very recent. It came from a Poetry Business writing day, and is one of those strange, surreal almost-instant creations that sometimes emerge from those wonderful workshops. You’ll have to wait till Iota #87 to see for yourself, though.

And later in the day, Ronnie Goodyer of Reach Poetry emailed to say he’d like to publish another rather old poem of mine, “Eating our Words”. So, a good day for publication.

I don’t know much about the mag, Candelabrum, except they favour poems in traditional form. They’ve taken two of my poems, “Eclipsed”, a triolet, and “The Final Stretch”, a sonnet, but neither will appear till 2010.

Just missed out on the prizes one more time: this time my poem “Undine” was one of six “special mentions” outside the top three in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly competition. The judges’ report said: “I will mention a few that made a powerful impact on us that may on another day for other judges have made a prize. “Undine” was a beautiful sensuous poem that makes a swim into stripping down of social identity.”

It looks like there’ll be an anthology, so that’s something. Must try harder, though.

The magazine of Guildford Poets, Weyfarers,  published my poem “Small Holding” today. Although only a small magazine, the quality of submissions is good, and well worth getting hold of,