Poems: 2019 and the future

A slow approach to Turner in the corner of the gallery, Geraniums, Skydiving over Machu Pichu, Spoil Heap, Pansies, Adelaide Literary Magazine, forthcoming

SMS, Pushing Out The Boat, April 2019

Low Cloud at Loughrigg, Envoi, forthcoming

404, Sycamore, Snowstorm, Neon Literary Magazine, forthcoming, 2019

Poems: 2018

Lifeblood, The Cave, London Grip, November 2018

Absolution, March, The High Window, forthcoming

Picture This, Treed, Inez Literary Magazine, forthcoming

Gift, The Curlew, Nov 2018

As oxygen to phosphorus, Erogenous zones, Anyone for chloropamazine, Anomaly Literary Journal, forthcoming

November 2018: Bosnia Afternoon, Open House, The Lake, 

Sept, 2018:  Shotover, Holy Island, Lakelight, Pub games with mother, Summer Holiday, Tonight Edison dances the paso doble  The Cannon’s Mouth #69

Sept, 2018: A Thousand Fictions, Amaryllis Poetry

January, 2018: Oberon, Algebra of Owls,  https://algebraofowls.com/tag/noel-williams/

January, 2018: Point me at the stars, Pamphlet, Indigo Dreams:  http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/noel-williams/4594148627

Poems: 2017

Winter, 2017: “Lethal Theory”, Sentinel Literary Quarterly

December 2017: “The physics of hippogriffs”, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Dec 2017

Autumn 2017 : “Lady of the Mercians”,  “The Gorgon Tree” The Dawntreader

Aug 2017: “Rough Magic”, Welsh Competition winners’ site,  http://www.welshpoetry.co.uk/winners/

July 2017: ‘Ring of Echoes’ best of Three Drops from a Cauldron anthology, Lughnasadh 2017

June 2017: ‘Ring of Echoes’ Three Drops from a Cauldron #16, (reprinted from The Dawntreader #37)

May , 2017: ‘Mothballing the observatory’ Picaroon  #8, https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/58531436/picaroon-poetry-issue-8-may-2017

2017:  ‘Undine’ Three Drops from a Cauldron #14 (reprinted from SLQ Champion Poems 2009)

March, 2017: ‘Three Roses’  Three Drops from a Cauldron #13 (reprinted from Danse Macabre 2010)

Spring 2017: “Throstle”, The Dawntreader #38

Spring, 2017: ‘Fairytale’. Three Drops from a Cauldron’s Imbolc 2017 ‘best of’ print anthology (reprinted from original in Decanto)

“Winter”, 2017: ‘Familiar Spirit’, Panning for Poems #8  http://www.poetryni.com/uploads/2/6/9/7/2697541/panning_for_poems_8.pdf

Jan 2017: “Cycling”, “Diseases of Trees”, “Houseguests”, Dreamcatcher #34

Jan 2017 “Nightwalk”, Obsessed with Pipework

Poems: 2016

Dec 2016: “Ring of Echoes”, The Dawntreader #37

Dec 2016: “Fairytale”, Three Drops from a Cauldron, #10

Dec 2016: “Return to Kabul, 1990” and “Overgrown”,  Sentinel Literary Quarterly,  http://sentinelquarterly.com/2016/12/two-poems-by-noel-williams/

Nov 2016: “Noctilucence”, “Nightwatch”, Orbis

Nov 2016: “Chalk Horse”, Three Drops from a Cauldron, #7

Oct 2016: Millstone Grit, (edited with Rosemary Badcoe and Carolyn Waudby), Antiphon Press (anthology of poets associated with Sheffield Hallam University, funded by SHU Catalyst project)

Oct 2016: “Gennel”, “GPS” (reprinted from The North) , Millstone Grit, Antiphon Press, 2016 (ed. Rosemary Badcoe, Noel Williams and Carolyn Waudby)

Oct 2016: “Byland Yew”, The Dawntreader  

Sept 2016: “Climb”, Reach Poetry

June 2016: “A sedge of herons”, Envoi

June; “The Garden Run”, The High Window

April 2016: “Fallen Flowers”, Reach Poetry 212

March 2016: “Ordinary love”, Sentinel Literary Quarterly

January 2016: “Gennel” and “GPS” in The North

Poems: 2015

Nov 2015: “Embers”, Interpreter’s House #159

2015: “The Difference Engine Finds Love”, “Frost” in Cake

2015: “Poppy Day”, “Warbride” on Patchwork Paper

March 2015: “Fire moths” in San Pedro River Review (US)

February 2015: “Rec” in Ofipress Magazine, (Mexico) www.ofipress.com/williamsnoel.htm

January 2015: “Heron-dream”, The Reader 

Poems: 2014

2014: “Tightrope”, “The Walk into Heaven”, Pennine Platform

Autumn 2014: “Family Matter”, Envoi

Sept 2014: “Out of the Box”, Blame Montezuma!: An Assortment of  Chocolate Poems, Happenstance

Aug 2014: “Mary”, “Night-scented Stock”, Orbis #167

June 2014: “In the Dark”, “Hawkmoth”, “Melusine”  Iota #94

March 2014: “Palimpsest” in The Animal Gaze anthology, Smith/Doorstop (this was written for and performed at the SIA exhibition, The Animal Gaze Returned, Aug 2013, from which the pamphlet came, illustrated with images from the exhibition)

March 2014: Out of Breath, Cinnamon Press. My first collection

March 2014: “Sanatorium”, “1984 in 1968”, “Under the Floor”, Neon Literary Magazine http://www.neonmagazine.co.uk/

Spring 2014:  “Silencers”, “Homecoming”, “Dementia”, Message in a Bottle ezine, #19, http://www.messageinabottlepoetrymagazine.com/

2014: “Walsingham, the start of a barefoot mile” and “Chilli with Puccini”, in Dreamcatcher #26/#27

Prizes and Awards 2012-17

Oct 2017: “Lethal Theory”, Winner, Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry competition

Aug 2017: “Rough Magic”, Highly Commended, Welsh Poetry Competition,  http://www.welshpoetry.co.uk/winners/

Jan 2017: Highly Commended, Indigo Dreams pamphlet competition

May 2016: “Return to Kabul, 1990”, Second Prize and “Overgrown” Highly Commended, Sentinel Literary Annual Poetry Competition (2015)

Jan 2016: “Ordinary love”, Highly Commended, Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition

Judge Oz Hardwick wrote:  More than a fourteen-line poem, I’d place this firmly in the sonnet pile. I’ll leave it to other readers to look how the form is bent, stretched, and squeezed to fit the less idealised love of middle age – something I think it does very well. Instead, it’s the retailoring of tradition I’d like to note in particular; the love poem par excellence lowering its eyes from the heavenly ideal, not to turn its gaze on politics or religion, as has been done over past centuries, but upon the truth of love as it is lived, the subject’s hair unthread(ing) like a blanket. Yet, as with Petrarch and his first followers, there is a warm physicality, a celebratory eroticism, that permeates the poem and which, even as we are reminded of literary conceits and constructions, emphatically asserts that ordinary love is never ordinary (& sonnets still do the job).

Autumn 2015: “Gennel” shortlisted in the Bridport competition

May 2015: “Perhaps a skylark” longlisted in Rialto Nature competition

Feb 2015: “A Sedge of Herons” and “Ordinary Love” commended in Torriano Poetry competition

Dec 2014: ‘Night Scented Stock’, voted 1st in Readers’ Vote, Orbis International Literary Magazine

Dec 2014: ‘1984 in 1968’ Nominated for Pushcart Prize by Neon Literary Journal

Sept 2014: Longlisted in Cinnamon Short Story competition

July 2014: Commended in Yeovil Literary Prize for poetry

July 2014: Shortlisted in Cinnamon Press Pamphlet competition.

Jan 2014: “Behind Kibuye Church” nominated by The Journal for the Forward Prize

October 2013: Highly Commended, Ryedale Poetry Competition

October 2013: Highly Commended (and also longlisted) Havant Open Poetry Competition

June 2013: Winner, and Highly Commended, Southport Writers’ Competition.
First prize for “Chimney-bird”, judged by Carol Ann Duffy, who wrote: “A poem which at first appears deceptively simple but on subsequent readings reveals deep layers; the poet makes excellent use of metaphor and rich imagery to convey a sense of confusion, denial and loss. The poem consistently shows without telling and we are drawn into a world where a difficult truth has to be confronted.”

October 2012: Winner, Elmet Competition in memory of Ted Hughes: winner of the Yorkshire Prize

September 2012: Winner, Cinnamon Poetry Competition

August 2012: Second in Sentinel Quarterly Poetry Competition

Other writing

Reviews for Sphinx, The North, Envoi

Editing and reviews for Antiphon

Associate Editor and reviews for Orbis

Readings and other activities:

Forthcoming: October 2018, reading and workshop, Stamford Stanza

April 2018: Reading with Al McClimmens, Writers in the Bath, the Bath Hotel, Sheffield

March 2018: Reading with Al McClimmens, Waterstones, Sheffield (Launch of Point me at the stars)

Jan 2017: Reading with Katharine Towers and David Bort, Writers in the Bath, Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Nov and Dec 2016: Readings with the Millstone Grit poets at Gerry’s Bakery, Walkley, Sheffield

Oct 2016: curated Exhibition ‘Millstone Grit: artists’ responses to poetry’, Bank St Arts, Sheffield

April 9th 2015: Reading at The Albert, Huddersfield, with Steve Ely

Feb 5th 2015: MC for Poetry by Heart, The Workstation, Sheffield

Spring 2015:  Judge for Sentinel Poetry Competition sentinelquarterly.com/competitions/poetry/index.htm

Dec 9th 2014: Reading with Kim Moore and Linda Goulden at The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Dec 6th 2014: Poem in Dark Starry Skies event, Lynmouth Pavilion

June 15th 2014: Reading with Katharine Towers and Kathy McKay, Midsummer Poetry Festival, Bank Street.

June 2014: Skylines: Installation of poems and photographs at the Midsummer Poetry Festival, Bank Street. See https://www.facebook.com/midsummerpoetryfest?fref=ts

April 30 2014: Reading at Poetry by Heart, the HEART Centre Café, Bennet Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3HN, http://heartpoets.wordpress.com/

April 29th 2014: Reading for launch of The Animal Gaze anthology, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

March 2014: Reading at the Launch of my book, Out of Breath. Waterstones, Orchard Square, Sheffield.

2 March 2014: Reading at The Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere with the Poetry Business Writing School (at the Jerwood Centre, by Dove Cottage)

January 2014: Radio broadcast for basic.fm, interviewing Linda Lee Welch.

October 7th 2013: Member of Being Human symposium on poetry and performance, part of Sheffield’s Off the Shelf Festival

August 15th 2013: Reader as part of The Animal Gaze exhibition, Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University. (More on the exhibition here: http://www.shu.ac.uk/sia/gallery/events/event.html?id=24 )

June 13th 2013: Reading at Broomhill Festival, Refresh Cafe, Broomhill, Sheffield

May to June 9th 2013: Member of committee organising and running the Second Sheffield Poetry Festival

May 2013: Reading with Poetry Business Prize Winners at Bank Street Arts

Feb 2013: Judge: Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition

Dec 12 2012: Reading with Suzannah Evans, Shelley Roche-Jacques and Helen Mort, Blackwells Bookshop, Sheffield

Oct 2012: Antiphon workshop in Off the Shelf festival, Sheffield. With Rosemary Badcoe

Oct 2012: Prize reading: Hebden Bridge Library

July 9th 2012: Sharrow Festival, Highfield Church, Sheffield. Reading with the Tuesday poets

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Froggatt Edge

Froggatt Edge

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