Unzipping our single body into its sweating halves,

look, you’re stencilled upon me. I’m a web

tracing the lines and grooves of you,

a map etched in dark juices of your journeys across me,

asterisked with stations where you found rest,

each the bruise of your kiss.

I’m a printing press now. I’m hot lead

rolling my icons back onto you. You’re the page,

pressed with our indelible names.

Yet our deepest tattoo is unseen, a braille, a trail,

a fine line between hope and desire.

3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Robert Walton Says:

    I am one of the contest poets whose poems are included in your upcoming exhibit. I am interested in how the poems will be used, as I’m sure others are. Is there any way that you can share what you are doing with us?

  2. Jonathan Butcher Says:


    I currenty run a spoken word night at Bank Street arts called ‘Unquiet Desperation’, which is an extension of our live music and art night held at Bungalows and Bears. Would you be intrested in being one of our guest readers for our next night? The night is on the 2nd of Dec (Thursday), and runs between 8.00pm-100pm. Most people read for between 10-15 mins, but can be longer if needed, and a few drinks would be provided. Previous readers include Frances Leviston, Ben Wilkinson+others. If your intrested, just get back, and i can answer any other questions.

    All the best,


  3. Ryan Walker Says:

    I enjoyed the Newark poetry awards on Saturday. In particular, I liked ‘Before morning comes’, with its topple, smash and spill ending. My favourite line ‘naked as a mirror’ made it the best entry of the day for me.
    A pleasure to meet you. Hopefully, to be repeated one fine day.

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