(Here’s the post I’ve just made on the Millstone Grit blog).

We now have the Millstone Grit book in our hot little hands, and we’re very pleased with it. It is, of course, the first book and the first print work from the Antiphon press, which is exciting enough (to us!) in itself. But it’s actually a rather attractive book, both in look and content, so we’re rather proud of ourselves.


Meanwhile, we’ve be working on the images submitted for the exhibition to be held before the launch in October. There have certainly been some interesting and unusual responses to the poems, and picking around a dozen that Rosemary, Carolyn and myself agree will make an exhibition which reflects the range of the book, as well as being visually exciting in their own right, has not been that easy. We’re close to a decision, but then will be passing our preferences to Karen Sherwood, who runs the highly reputed Cupola Gallery in Sheffield to judge our three prizewinners.