Poems: 2009

Dec “Poem Noir”,  Aesthetica Creative Works Annual
Winter “Airbag”, “A Venetian Mask”, “Button Surgery”, “Holy Ground” and “Measures”, Obsessed with Pipework
Dec “Undine”, Champion Poems Anthology, from Sentinel Literary Quarterly, http://www.sentinelpoetry.org.uk/champion_poems.php
Winter “Chains”, “Thread”, Purple Patch
Winter “A Rose”, “Rainflowers”, “Gerontius Today” , “Husbandry” and “Woodland Rain” Inclement
December Coffee House Poetry Troubadour Competition website: “The Price of Chocolate”
November “Eating our words”, Reach Poetry
Autumn “Fairytale”, “Shore to Shore”: Decanto
October “A thought experiment”, “Dandelion Clock”, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Gratitudes”, Sarasvati
October “Into, not from”, Blue Hyacinths Anthology
October “On the Edge of Something”, “Snapshot” Matter
October “Mathematics of Chrysanthemums”, Aspire
October “Gran bought me a bike”, Chapter and Verse
October “Eclipsed”, “The Final Stretch”, Candelabrum
October “Burning Bush” e-zine. Little PinkShack at http://littlepinkshack.webs.com/poetry.htm
October Sky-clad“, The Frogmore Papers
September Stop”, streetcake e-zine: http://streetcakemagazine.com/index.html
July Small Holding”, Weyfarers #106
June “Sabretooth”, Envoi
June “Planting Dorothy’s Garden”, The North #43
May “Proxima Centauri”, When the Tide is Right, anthology
May “Conjuror’s Hat” and “The Lost and the Damned”, Monkey Kettle #31
April “Particles”, Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau, website
March “Contact”, Skin Deep, anthology
March “Foxssense”, Read This website
March “A sky of accidentals”, Read This
February “Late”, (published mistakenly as “Trucks”), Now Then
January “Talk of the Town” and “Unawake”, Now Then

Other publications 2009

Winter Review: Now Then
Autumn Review: The North
Sept Poem “E-valuation”, performed and exhibited at Haddon Library of Archaelogy and Anthropology, Cambridge
July Review of  Michael McCarthy’s “Cold Hill Pond“, in Now Then
March Poetry reviews of River Wolton’s “The Purpose of Your Visit” and Ben Wilkinson’s “The Sparks” in Now Then
Spring Short story: “The Silver Quill” in Words #60

Prizes and Awards 2009

Dec “The Cake Plate” First Prize in Speakeasy Poetry competition (Milton Keynes writers)
Dec “See Kim Run” highly commended in Newark Poetry competition
Nov “The Price of Chocolate” commended in Coffee House Troubadour competition
Nov Shortlisted in Sheffield Off the Shelf “Birthday Letters” competition
Oct One poem shortlisted in Torbay Poetry competition
Oct “Poem Noir”, finalist and Highly Commended, Aesthetica Creative Works competition
Oct “Gran bought me a bike” awarded Honours, “The Cake Plate” and “The Rest” Highly Commended, Trowell and District competition
Oct Joint winner, “How to reject rejection”, Ladder Writers Article competition http://ladderwriters.com/bonuswinner.shtml
Sept One of several runners up, “e-valuation”, Cambridge Haddon Library poetry competition
Sept “The Ogre’s Elevator”, highly commended in City of Derby short story competition
Sept Achieved narrowed longlist for Cinnamon Press pamphlet competition
August 1 “Undine”, Special Mention in Sentinel Literary Quarterly poetry competition
June “See Kim Run”, shortlisted Chapter One Poetry Competition
July “Overgrown”, longlisted, Virginia Warbey competition
July “My Cup of tea”, shortlisted at Woodseats Literary Festival, Sheffield
June “Skating Close”, submitted by Orbis for The Forward Prize: Best Single Poem in memory of Michael Donaghy
June Awarded Arts Council England grant for “Poetry off the Page” project, June to Dec
May “The Cake Plate”, commended and shortlisted in Grace Dieu Writers competition
May “Consolations of the Geriatrics’ Porter”, Third Prize, Red Shed Open Poetry Competition
April “Particles”, Third Prize and “chuckle bonus”, Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau poetry competition.
Published on website: http://www.jbwb.co.uk/nwp.htm
April “Proxima Centauri”, Highly Commended, Norwich Writers’ Open Competition
March “Sabretooth”, Runner up Envoi Poetry competition
March “Near Crookes Cemetery”, Highly Commended Chesterfield Time Bank poetry competition
March “Two Girls Binding Wood” Special Merit, National Galleries of Scotland writing competition,
March “Walsingham: the Start of a Barefoot Mile” shortlisted for The Poetry Business Sheffield poem competition
March Bank Street Arts: Appointed Resident Artist (Researcher in Creative Writing)
Feb Editorial committee: Matter magazine, Feb to November
Jan Poem “Skating Close”, 3rd place in Readers’ vote competition, Orbis #144

Readings 2009

October Tuesday Poetsat The Fusion Cafe, Sheffield, in Off the Shelf
October Reading as part of the launch of Matter magazine Blackwells, Sheffield, in Off the Shelf
Sept e-valuation“, (but not read by me) at Haddon Library Prize ceremony, Cambridge
Sept Guest reading of Louise Wilford’s “Walking Round Elsecar Reservoir”, 3rd placed for The Poetry Business Sheffield Poem, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield
July Woodseats Festival,Sheffield
June Broomhill Festival Open Mike,Sheffield
April, June, Oct, Nov Speakeasy Open Mike, Sheffield
May Prize reading at Red ShedPoets, Wakefield
May Prize reading at National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh.
(Unfortunately illness prevented me doing this, so my prize poem was read on my behalf)
March Word LifeLantern Theatre, Sheffield
March Prize reading at  Parish Centre, Chesterfield

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