Poems: 2008

2008 “Nightscape”, Matter
2008 “3.16” and “Another’s Lilac, Poetry Nottingham
2008 “Skating Close”, Orbis
2008 ”Sanctuary”, and “Depth of Feeling”, Decanto
2008 “On the Verge of the M40”, The New Writer: The Collection (anthology)
2008 “Storms”, Other Poetry
2008 “Subtext”, Salopeot

Other publications 2008

Boxing Day Feature article: “Favourite Things”, Sheffield Telegraph, Boxing Day issue

Prizes and Awards 2008

November Shortlisted as judge for Costa 2008 Book Awards
2008 “On the Verge of the M40”, first prize winner in The New Writer single poem competition
2008 Short story: “The Perfect Story”, runner up in The New Writer competition

Readings 2008

2008 Matter Launch Waterstones, Sheffield
2008 Vivienne Westwood Exhibition, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield
2008 Blackwells reading evening, Sheffield

Poems: 2007

2007 “First Light”, The New Writer
2007 “A Child Wandering” and “Loss Cancels Profit”,  Carillon
2007 “Bathetic Fallacy”, “Kiss of Life”, “Our Mortal Coil”, Sentinel Literary Quarterly
2007 “Ecology of the large blue butterfly”, Earth Love
2007 “White Noise on the Yangtze”, Earth Love
2007 “Sparks”, The Ugly Tree
2007 “Between you and me, communication’s broken down”, The Interpreter’s House

Prizes and Awards 2007

2007 “Another’s Lilac”, 3rd prize in City of Derby poetry competition
2007 Poem “The Cake Plate” shortlisted in Plough Poetry competition
2007 Short story “Ties” shortlisted in Mike Haywood Short Story competition

Readings 2007

October Readings at Prizegiving, City of Derby poetry competition, Derby
2007 Readings at various Words Aloud Open Mike events (Runaway Girl, Sheffield)


Poems published in Iota (2006)
Poems in E-Sheaf (2003-7)
First prize: Off the Shelf poetry competition, 1998
Poem ”Bagshot Louis” in The Singing Time (a novel by Maida Stanier: 1975)
Twice awarded the James prize (a student literary prize at King’s College, Cambridge) 1972,1973
Various poems and stories in Sixth Form Opinion (national student magazine) 1969-1971
Editor and contributor to school magazines The Lily and Scope, and created my own poetry magazine Visibility, at Magdalen College School, Oxford in the late 1960s

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